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Students at Longfellow celebrate another record-breaking Coat Drive in 2014!


Mrs Rocca and her fourth grade class at Longfellow Elementary once again kicked off our coat drive season with a fantastic effort. They collected and distributed more than 1,300 coats and 4,000 total items all in the month of October. While doing this they also hosted 2 hot chocolate stands and created and sold a student newspaper, raising more than $1,000 dollars used to purchase new winter items. These young people formed their own board, marketing plan, and have traveled to other district schools to teach their peers how to follow in their footsteps. All we can say here at Coats of Kindness is...Thank You and you Rock!!!

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The Wenzel's are a family just like yours and mine. In 2009 Eric was told that the pain in his back was a reoccurrence of his Colon Cancer from the previous year. This time it was much worse, stage four, as it had grown through the last four bones of his spine. Given little hope to live, he and his family decided to donate many of his winter coats to a local thrift shop. The manager of the thrift shop was thrilled to have the extra winter wear. Coincidentally, that weekend at their church the Wenzel's decided to undertake a pay it forward challenge that was offered during the Christmas Season. Emma and Jake, 9 and 7 at the time, suggested the family start a coat drive to pay back all those who had helped them during Eric's three year battle. That effort begun what is now Coats of Kindness. During the last five years over 50,000 items have been collected and distributed to those less fortunate. Eric, soon to celebrate 5 years of being disease free, proudly says we are just getting started.

2015 Drive

November 1st - January 7th

It's cold, we need Coats. Please contact us to make arrangements to run a drive, donate coats/winter wear or make a charitable contribution.  It's that easy! 


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Our goal is to collect as many new or gently used winter wear items to include: coats, mittens, gloves, snow pants and scarves and donate to those less fortunate. These items are given at no cost.

Our mission is to teach our children the importance of giving back to their community and to know that a simple act, such as donating a coat, can change someone's life.

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